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CPS Research are conducting research to investigate the effectiveness of a probiotic supplement that has been designed to help maintain healthy levels of blood sugar in the bodies of people most at risk of developing diabetes.

This study involves taking a daily supplement to assess the impact of the supplement on blood sugar control. Can you help potentially shape future healthcare?

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Did you know that 84% of people with prediabetes don't even know they have it?

Prediabetes could lead to diabetes if left untreated. Some of the risk indicators for developing prediabetes include:

If you have a family history of diabetes, there's a greater chance you may develop diabetes.

Being overweight can increase your risk of unhealthy blood sugar levels and developing diabetes.

Being physically active less than three times a week could lead to weight increase and developing prediabetes.

Not sure if you're prediabetic? We'll do a quick check at your first visit to confirm whether you're prediabetic or not!

Information about the Study

In this clinical study, we are investigating a daily supplement for controlling glucose levels in the blood.

Sugars are a main source of energy for the body and insulin plays a key role in controlling our sugar levels. However, too much sugar can lead to our bodies stuggling to cope, with blood sugar levels rising as a result. When your blood sugar levels are high, but not high enough for you to be type 2 diabetic, this is known as Prediabetes. If left untreated, prediabetes can lead to diabetes.

This study will involve taking a probiotic supplement once a day for 16 weeks to find out how effective the supplement is at maintaining healthy blood sugar levels in patients with prediabetes.

If you have previously been advised by your GP that you have higher blood sugar levels, believe you are at risk of developing diabetes, or have early, untreated type 2 diabetes, you could be eligible for this study.

This study involves regular visits to our clinic at the West of Scotland Science Park in Glasgow, over an 18 week period. You will receive up to £450 to cover your time and travel costs during your participation in the research.

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If you are aged between 18 and 75, you may be eligible for this study. Whether you have been advised by your GP that you have high blood sugar levels, are at risk of developing diabetes due to a family history, or you're just overweight, you could play your part in this important research.

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